Shared-Desktop-Ontologies (since 2009): An effort to create an open standard for semantic desktop vocabularies.

Nepomuk (since 2006) – Bringing the semantic desktop to KDE. Started as subproject of a larger Europeean research project, the Nepomuk module has found its place in the core of KDE and aims to slowly refactor the way we handle everyday data. I am the original author, maintainer, and main developer of the Nepomuk libraries, the Nepomuk service system, the Nepomuk virtual filesystem integration, and the semantic desktop extensions.

Soprano (since 2006) – The RDF storage and parsing/serialization framework for Qt4 is used in the Nepomuk project for all data storage. I have been the maintainer and core developer of Soprano since my rewrite for version 2.0.

K3b (1998-2010) – Being the original author of K3b, I maintained it for 11 years in which the CD/DVD burning application became the de-facto standard for Linux. K3b is shipped with most major Linux distributions as the default burning application.

FF/M (2005-2006) – An extension of the FF (Fast Forward) action-planning system to allow the usage of external modules (plugins) in planning domains. The development started as part of my diploma thesis.

Astras (1999-2002) – The Airport Surface TRAffic Simulator, emerged from a software project at the university and became the first product of the company Atrics. Astras is a simulation of the airport forefield and is used as a training tool for airport controllers at the Unique Aiport in Zurich.

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