It is About Time – The Nepomuk Coding Sprint

The title says it all: it is about time we had a Nepomuk workshop. As I already wrote on Monday I am planning a Nepomuk coding sprint. The idea of this sprint/workshop is to invite developers looking to integrate Nepomuk into their application. It is not intended for people who are “just” interested in the technology. A really focused and productive workshop with roughly 10 developers is what I have in mind.

Goals I would want to achieve in the Nepomuk sprint:

  • Useful Nepomuk integration into all attending developers’ applications
  • Attending developers become Nepomuk “experts”
  • A How-to for other developers to integrate Nepomuk in applications (based on examples)

The workshop will take place in Freiburg:

Don't miss a trip to Freiburg

Don't miss a trip to Freiburg

No final date has been set yet. Possible dates include 29.05.-31-05. or 13.06.-14.06. But this is still open and can be discussed once a list of participants has been gathered.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please subscribe to the Nepomuk-KDE mailing list and give the following information:

  • Application affiliation (it is important that apart from Nepomuk there is nothing that you need to learn in order to work on the app)
  • Preferred date (if none is suitable propose another)
  • Do you need funding for travel and accommodation?
  • Are you interested in a social event on day four (rock climbing or something similar in the black forest)?

4 thoughts on “It is About Time – The Nepomuk Coding Sprint

  1. hei cool,

    didn’t know there are kde hackers around here in Freiburg. I’d be happy to come by and say hi, even though I’m not a proper hardcore kde hacker.

  2. It’s a great idea! This should help to turn Nepomuk and semantic desktop from a fascinating idea to a everyday and unnoticed “tool” in the KDE users workflow.

    Thank you Sebastian! Also for the porting of K3B to KDE4 which seems to be started again.

  3. Cool, didn’t know either that there are any KDE people in Freiburg. Even though I am not in particular a KDE coder, I’m really passionate about the whole Nepomuk thing, so I’ll gladly step by and make you guys coffee or something and provide userland review :)

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