Just in Time For KDE SC 4.4: Virtuoso 6.1.0

Finally all testing and bugfixing is finished. OpenLink has done an outstanding job with this new release of Virtuoso. Again my thanks go out to the Virtuoso development team and Patrick van Kleef who was my contact to smooth out the issues which prevented us to use Virtuoso 6 with Nepomuk.

So now is the time for distributions to package Virtuoso 6.1.0 and for you to update it on your own. But wait, there is one little detail: the database format changed significantly between Virtuoso 5 and 6. That is why I wrote a little conversion tool called Virtuosoconverter which takes care of this problem (Caution: the build system will download the Virtuoso 5.0.12 sources which are roughly 60MB). Usage is simple:

  1. Shut down Nepomuk
  2. Install Virtuoso 6.1.0
  3. Run the Converter
  4. Restart Nepomuk

Virtuoso 6 offers a wide range of features which are yet to be exposed through Nepomuk. The fun is only just starting!

Hints for Distributors:

  • You might want to run the converter in auto mode before starting Nepomuk.
  • If you do not like the build system downloading the Virtuoso 5 sources simply put them in the source tree. The build system will pick them up and use them instead of downloading.


  • If you have old Virtuoso V5 data and do not run the converter after updating to Virtuoso V6 Nepomuk will not start.
  • The converter is the only way to convert the data to the new database format (except if you run some sql commands on the server manually)

31 thoughts on “Just in Time For KDE SC 4.4: Virtuoso 6.1.0

  1. Hi,
    If I am not running the converter, what all data will I use. Is it only limited to the dolphin ratings and comments?

  2. I updated to the virtuoso 6.10. These are getting printed all over .xsession-errors

    “/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub(4737)” Error in thread 3011980144 : “Unsupported operation (2)”: “Invalid model”
    [/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub] “/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub(4737)” Error in thread 3011980144 : “org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown – The name org.kde.nepomuk.services.nepomukstorage was not provided by any .service files”
    “/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub(4737)” Error in thread 3011980144 : “Unsupported operation (2)”: “Invalid model”

  3. I dont seem to be able to download virtuoso 6.10 from sf.net for some reason atm. Could you also mention what are the latest preferred versions of backends/dependencies redland/raptor/rasqal? and any other external libraries

  4. it seems there is cyclic linking for the virtuoso 6.10 source. some one needs to fix this so I can actually download and test it

  5. Hei. This is great work. Finally nepomuk is taking the big steps towards being the fast “Desktop brain” it is meant to be. One bit is still missing, though. With two database servers running at the same time (virtuoso for Nepomuk and MySQL for akonadi), the desktop gets a lot heavier than it could be. Probably you are not the right person to ask this but, what is the status of the Virtuoso/nepomuk backend for akonadi? Anyway, thanks for your work.
    PS: Finally (at least with trunk) I can search for citations in pdf papers without opening them. Very, very cool…

    • Do you really think it’s that heavy? I mean, considering that a Gig RAM costs the same as a pack of cigarettes nowadays. :P
      Joking aside, I don’t want to know how many databases run at the same time on every desktop. Just think about the RPMDB, the YUM Sqlite DB, the browsers DB, the mail clients DB, etc. pp. Just because they have seperate processes, doesn’t necessarily mean that they suck in your resources like there was no tomorrow.

      • Not that it’s heavy but heavier than it could be. On my little asus eeepc, the desktop is taking nearly 1.5 minutes to start, most of which are spent in mysqld-akonadi and virtuoso-t. akonadi is there exactly to avoid database server duplication and for the cases where it is not adequate, the databases are not up all the time, anyway. Another downside to having multiple permanent database servers is the power consumption. I’m getting 4 wake-up calls per second from mysqld plus 1/s from virtuoso-t on idle. On my laptop, this makes for more than 1/3 of the wakeup calls.

  6. Here it does not work: the converter says it has converted everything, but nepomukserver is still not able to launch virtuoso, because it still finds the old format…

  7. “Virtuoso 6 offers a wide range of features which are yet to be exposed through Nepomuk. The fun is only just starting!”

    Oooh – interest pricked

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  9. virtuoso 6.1 is packaged for openSUSE in the KDE:KDE4:Factory :Desktop repo, but we have not yet got the converter satisfactorily packaged. If you want to use 6.1, you should remove your old virtuoso database in ~/.kde4/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/data/virtuosobackend/ – this is a loss of data though.

  10. Hmm.. the converter simply hangs here at “Statring virtuoso 5”

    And it’s running already:

    But nothing happens any further. My nepomuk data isn’t too big. Just some Bangarang data. So it wouldn’t hurt to rebuild it, but still.. ideas? More info?

  11. Any method to clean orphaned data similar to “Remove all Strigi-indexed data”?.

    When I do queries, several times, results points to files that don’t exits in my disk and this is really annoying.

    Clean db before conversion could be really useful.

    Other valid solution is a method to backup only real user data: tags, comments and scores.

  12. After execute translation programs, that finished without errors, virtuoso don’t start with next error:

    15:20:10 The database you are opening was last closed with a server of version 3016.
    15:20:10 The present server is of version 3126.

    Conversion program from console seems to be ok but with one “Unable to find the Virtuoso binary”.

    I’m using openSUSE oficial repositiries.

    • Solved doing make install but now conversion fails with error:

      “Nepomuk Virtuoso database conversion failed: Failed to create stored procedure (dump_graphs)”

      • Console shows more info about error:

        Virtuoso started: 19329
        [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect
        Shutting down virtuoso instance 19329

        • Tested in two openSUSE systems with Factory repositories. One is 11.1 version and the other is 11.2.

          The error is the same in both: “[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect”

          • After a package update conversion works in openSUSE 11.2 so I copy virtuoso db from one machine to another and I can convert both databases.

  13. Hi Trueg,
    I have been intrigued by nepomuk since it was announced. I use KDE regularly but I am not able to search anything in Dolphin yet!

    I want to just enter a search string in the box on the toolbar/menubar that says ‘Search…’ and hope to get results. This is never worked so far.

    Should I always tag my files for searching? Is searching by name not available with nepomuk/strigi?

    Can you explain how to search for files in a ‘real’ world? I have tons of photos that I want to quickly search from.

    Btw, I use KDE SC 4.4.3.

    Oh, and the ‘Timeline’ feature does not seem too work too (in Dolphin!)


  14. After upgrading Ubuntu to v10.04, I noticed ‘nepomuk’ hogging CPU & RAM.

    Linux (& Ubuntu specifically) has been a pleasure to use, even on older/cheaper computers because it uses resources wisely & sparingly– effectively doing MORE with LESS.

    Until issues are resolved, I will recommend others to remove Virtuoso-Nepomuk to improve performance on low-end systems.

    I mean no disrespect. Thank you for your hard work.

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