Nepo… (sorry) Google Summer Of Code 2011

Last year’s Summer of Code was a big success. Apart from two great projects Nepomuk gained the help of Vishesh Handa, the guy who made working on Nepomuk so much simpler. Hoping to repeat last year’s success I would like to remind students that there is another possibility to take part in Google’s Summer of Code this year: KDE has been accepted as a mentoring organization once again and Nepomuk is part of the project ideas line-up.

So far there is “only” four ideas but we will add more. Of course you can also come up with your own ideas for the Nepomuk semantic desktop. Please find us on the mailing list or on freenode IRC in the #nepomuk-kde chat room to discuss your ideas or to get feedback on questions.

But please be warned that there is already a bunch of people interested in the query parser idea. Thus, it might be in your interest (and mine) to have a look at one of the others or come up with one of your own.

Hope to see your contributions soon.


4 thoughts on “Nepo… (sorry) Google Summer Of Code 2011

  1. Why not replace Strigi with Recoll (or Xapian it’s core)? Reading in forums and the web* Strigi has not, when tested, provided reliable results and has caused spikes in cpu/memory utilization at levels unacceptable to those who have encountered issues. Usage wise the lack of a front end to the search results until 4.6.0 has not given the community a sense that this is a project that they want, need, desire or can even reliably make use of.

    What this project needs is a reboot that would create interest and bring back lapsed users and attract new ones. Even if the performance and results issues are resolved there is still perceptions that need to be addressed.


    • The biggest problem of Nepomuk is surely communication. Nepomuk != Strigi. Nepomuk only uses a part of Strigi (namely libstreamanalyzer) to index files. This again is just one part of the whole system. You simply cannot replace it with Recoll.

  2. you solicited comments but then you censor them? why bother having a comments capability?

    I understand that a blog is not a democracy but projects that do not accept criticism or suggestions are not projects that prosper and grow.

    In my deleted reply I provided opinions other than mine to support my assertions, I was not disrespectful, did not use fowl language or state anything that I believe untrue or unverifiable (I even attached links from 3rd parties furthering my statements.

    If I did not care I wouldn’t bother writing but since you don’t seem to care about opinions that differ from yours I will not write anymore.

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