The Next Nepomuk Event – It Is About Time

The last Nepomuk sprint was a rather long time ago. And as the title says it is time for a new event. You want to learn about the benefits Nepomuk and the semantic desktop could bring to your application, what new types of applications and tools could be built on top of Nepomuk, and how to use Nepomuk in general as a develop? Then you should register for Randa 2011 and join us from June, 1st to June, 7th in Randa, Switzerland.

Learn about storing and querying metadata, about remembering usage statistics, about using Nepomuk as your application data storage, about integrating Nepomuk in simple scripts, and more.

Mario Fux is the one organizing this joint-event which will host tracks on Amarok and KDE multimedia in general, KDevelop, Nepomuk, and Platform 11.

The full schedule and list of talks and workshops is not complete yet but will be released soon.

One thought on “The Next Nepomuk Event – It Is About Time

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