Nice Things To Do With Nepomuk – Part Two

Yesterday I presented how to extract web links from resources (mostly files) in Nepomuk and store them as proper resources themselves.

Let us now take a look at the data we created. For this we will fire up NepSak aka. Nepomukshell and use a bit of SPARQL for testing and debugging purposes (remember: when implementing stuff try to keep to the query API instead of coding your own SPARQL queries). We start by listing all the nfo:Website resources there are:

There are a lot of websites there. This is not very helpful yet. So let’s throw the magic creation time into the mix:

This is already better. We now see all web links sorted by creation date. But what about the files we extracted them from? Let’s modify the query one last time to see those, too:

Now we see all the data the code from yesterday created. The files we extracted the web links from and the websites themselves. This information could now be used in some fancy GUI. Since I did not create a fancy GUI yet I will instead show what already works out of the box. We open Dolphin and hover one of the files we extracted a website from:

The links are already properly displayed and even clickable. (But when we click the links we see a possibility for improvement: it does not open the link but a query looking for other files linking to this website.)

Well, this is all I will present today as I was sidetracked by my system breaking down on me again.

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