Nepomuk – Fundraiser Update

It was only two days ago that I started my fundraiser for my work on Nepomuk and already I got a lot of donations and very nice and encouraging comments. Thank you for that.

It was pointed out that it might be good to describe in more detail what work you are actually funding. That is exactly what I will do now. I will update which is hopelessly outdated, try to establish a better way of publishing my progress in Nepomuk, and draft a vision of what Nepomuk sets out to do (well, at least part of it – the semantic desktop simply has too many use cases, small and big, to list them all).

In the meantime I created a Nepomuk pledge on If nothing else it allows to nicely publish the names of all you generous people and track the development of the donations.

Click here to lend your support to: Nepomuk - The semantic desktop on KDE and make a donation at !

Again: thanks a lot for your donations so far. It is very much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Nepomuk – Fundraiser Update

  1. ok, but what will you actually do _on Nepomuk_? If people donate the full amount you’re asking for, what will they actually get for their donations?

    For example: Will you make strigi more stable? Enhance plasma active’s recommendation abilities? Improve nepomuk’s ability to carry meta data with files across computers? Squash all bugs filed against nepomuk in the tracker? These are examples of being specific, not a wishlist.

    I ask this only because I really *want* to see this work. Good luck!

  2. “describe in more detail what work you are actually funding”
    “draft a vision of what Nepomuk sets out to do”
    Yes that will help a lot of people and especially as mentioned in the comments of the previous post that maybe nepomuk is an AWESOME project but most people do not see yet the benefit of it. Really happy to see that Sebastian uses in a good way the feedback that receives and that people respond to his post and are willing to help. I would also suggest as another user already did, the bitcoin option.

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