First Round of Bug Fixes

As promised I will not stop until I closed all Nepomuk crashes on And I do not mean closing as in “WONTFIX/INVALID”. I mean really close as in “FIXED” or “DUPLICATE”.

This is the first status report on that effort: 106 bugs closed thus far. Sure, 96 of those are duplicates, but nonetheless it is a good start. In addition to that I posted patches for 6 bugs which still need testing.

More to come soon.

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18 thoughts on “First Round of Bug Fixes

  1. I noticed you’ve been busy squashing bugs for the last few days ;) Thanks for fixing some really anoying (mostly startup) bugs!

  2. Absolutely wonderful to see this level of commitment – deserves lot’s of support.

    I am certain that people who really want to use Nepomuk and strigi et al will be very grateful once these fixes are in place.

  3. I want to thank you, this is indeed VERY promising; I’m very happy to see this as I consider Nepomuk as the most buggy part of the KDE core.
    Nonetheless, I’d like to point out that this post makes it obvious that you knew that Nepomuk was suffering from a loooot of severe bugs and you weren’t doing anything about them, didn’t this bother you when Mandriva was your employer?

  4. thank you very much.. i would like to give you something for your work.. what about bic/iban ? i really do not want to setup any account on paypal or whatever but i definitely would use my netbanking account :)

  5. A simple question. I have external HDs and I’m loosing all my metadata on Nepomuk’s restart. How I must configure Nepomuk to avoid this? I was using “Deletion Blacklist”

    Deletion Blacklist[$e]=/media/OneTouch4/,/media/HD1.5TB-01/

    but actually is not working. I’m using KDE 4.7.1 openSUSE packages.

    • Ah yes, the deletion blacklist – it has been removed in 4.7 since the new external media handling makes it superfluous. Maybe there is still a problem.
      Did you add the /media/OneTouch4 folder to the list of folders to index?

      • I think that I misunderstood the configuration:

        Ignore…, Index… and Ask…

        in the same place than indexed folder list and I think that strigi would index data in external HDs. But I don’t want to strigi index that external HDs, and I only want that Nepomuk don’t delete my metadata. You must be very careful about deleting data because Nepomuk removes relevant data often and restore utility, at least in my systems, is not working.

        Fortunately I have an script to backup my metadata if not you could hear me crying even in Germany ;).

          • All my data removed again, every time I update and I must restart KDE all my metadata in my external HDs disappears. This is really frustrating.

            Maybe “Deletion Blacklist” is not so superfluous because I don’t have this problem when this option was available.

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