Nepomuk Fundraiser – Another Update

Before I started this fundraising, I was uncomfortable sharing my situation and need. I wasn’t even certain what to ask for. Your generosity and reaction to Nepomuk’s promise has been surprising and gave me a lot of confidence and the wish to please all of you by delivering on what I promised.

However, the fact of the matter is that my current financial situation looks grim. This is caused by lack of payment during the last months (see also Nepomuk Fundraiser). Unless I find one or more companies to support Nepomuk, this fundraiser just keeps me going for a very short time. After that I need to have found another job, with or without Nepomuk. This is harder the less time I have. Thus, I dared raising the goal of the pledge hoping that this will grant me the time to secure new regular funding for Nepomuk.

I will of course work on fixing bugs and increasing the stability of Nepomuk. But due to the incredible feedback from all of you I lost sight of the actual goal: finding new sponsorship for the Nepomuk project. A fundraiser like this is an amazing and mind-blowing experience, but it is impossible to live off private donations (although the thought is appealing).

Click here to lend your support to: Nepomuk - The semantic desktop on KDE and make a donation at !
Click here to donate to Nepomukvia Moneybookers


20 thoughts on “Nepomuk Fundraiser – Another Update

  1. Since I red about your request for funds I thought 5000€ were too few to “survive” for a few months and to pay eventually debts. I think 9000€ is a sum more right.

  2. I think as long as you keep up with your frequent updates in your blog, which are very much appreciated, you should be able to get that funding :) way too many people feel guilty about critizicing nepomuk for its bugs, and don’t have an excuse not to help out now ;)

    • Agreed. With Contour shaping up nicely, it might be good to push that as a showcase of what can be done with Nepomuk as well. It’s easy for people to see a few negative comments online and, without having a clear idea of the promise of the technology, dismiss it. I believe in your work, Sebastian, and I really hope you can find a sponsor.
      Hack on!

  3. People don’t even know what ‘Nepomuk project’ is. I think you need to inform users of KDE what it is before you start asking for money.

    • To be fair, Sebastian and others have explained in the past (although the recent increase in blogging activity should help). I think part of the problem was that until more recent times, there wasn’t as much use made of it in “interesting” (read: exciting to users) ways. The reaction I saw from a lot of people early on in the 4.x series was “Cool, so I can add star ratings to my files. Why do I need a huge index and a bunch of processes to do this?”, and following from that “how can I get rid of this?”. I have encountered similar problems explaining the power (and definition, for that matter) of Activities to people without having many concrete examples that really showcase the potential. In that case, the reaction was “[for my use case] I can just use virtual desktops”. Confusion and apathy result. Now that there are some really cool applications making heavy, innovative use of Nepomuk technologies, it should be much easier to convince people.
      Let someone play with Contour on an ExoPC and watch them drool. :D
      In that regard, I think trying to get some more screencasts of applications using Nepomuk out there (even if the software is shiny but unfinished) might help ramp up the enthusiasm.

      • “Now that there are some really cool applications making heavy, innovative use of Nepomuk technologies, it should be much easier to convince people.” – tell us more, preferably on Examples like the ones you describe would be good to read about.

  4. Come on Canonical / Redhat / Novell / Other Linux companies… where the &%$&^%$!! are you?! This is a PRIME opportunity to get some major cred that would be used with both Gnome and KDE desktops, help keep Linux at the forefront of innovation and cost you salary of only one employee who already has a proven track record.

    To the company that makes the smart move, I personally pledge to point out how you did the right thing whenever I see anyone dismissing your FOSS intentions online. Who’s with me?

  5. I really hope your situation changes soon, Sebastian. Let’s remember: Nepomuk is succeeding where WinFS failed. Nepomuk will be our trump card against Windows 8, and we’ll need ASAP all possible features to be enabled.

    Good luck!

  6. “KDE e.V. is a registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Community in legal and financial matters.”

    Maybe they can sponsor Nepomuk as a project (and as you are the maintainer……). It is one of the Pilars of KDE SC 4+ so it would be horrible if it can’t be maintained.

  7. Hello Sebastian!

    Could you please CC the bugfix commits on Like it was done in the days of SVN, hope it’s possible with git and reviewboard as well.

  8. you will have better luck getting donation to have the option to gracefully disable Nepomuk as disabling it it one of the first things people do, not wanting to index or tag files, after the release of kmail2 i have come to loath Nepomuk as it bring nothing but the consumption of resources and akonadi complaints if its not enabled

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