Memory Leaks in Nepomuk – Nah!

OK – this is the fifth time I start the first sentence. So now I will just write like it comes to mind… backspace, backspace, mark/delete…. Oh, damn it. I just pushed a fix to master and 4.7 which fixes the memory leak in the filewatch service. The root of it was the same as in the file indexer service: no event loop in the work thread means DBus events piling up without ever being garbage collected.

Well, that is fixed now and the filewatch service will not steal all your memory anymore.

I have three days left until KDE 4.7.3 and I want to make them count!

As always:

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17 thoughts on “Memory Leaks in Nepomuk – Nah!

  1. Ok, after wining the last time, this time a complete and sincere:


    Sorry for shouting. :) I finally found my way to using the DONATE button, too. Keep going. :)

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