Update on Bugs And Stuff

There was not that much activity last week. That is simply because I took a few days off to spend time with my family on a farm – mostly so that my daughter could ride a pony every day.

Still, there are a few words I can say regarding Nepomuk bugs: 4 crashes have been reported for KDE 4.7.3. One of them I already fixed, one has a patch which is awaiting testing, one is very confusing and made me contact the mighty Dario for help, and the last one is the akonadi feeder which still has a memory leak. Apart from that blogging about my inotify usage had a very nice side-effect: Marcel Wiesweg from Digikam wants to use KInotfy and stumbled upon a serious bug which for some stupid reason I never caught. That bug means that files with umlauts and friends in their paths never keep their meta-data when moved. Urgh!

So KDE 4.7.4 will again contain a bunch of fixes. The hunt is not over yet. At least now all bugs are nicely categorized which makes triaging much easier.

And in other news: thank you so much for the amazing fundraiser. Only about 800€ to the goal which I feared was reaching for the stars. This is given me the energy to go on and try to find the required funding. No one stepped up so far but I am still hopeful as some are still “in discussion”. Keep your fingers crossed (and send ideas my way).

Click here to lend your support to: Nepomuk - The semantic desktop on KDE and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

7 thoughts on “Update on Bugs And Stuff

  1. Amazing :) i intend to activate nepomuk for the first time for 4.8. Until now it wasn’t possible, now i’m very optimistic and actually excited by its possibilities :)

  2. I enjoy reading these updates as they show us KDE users what’s occurring behind the scenes, and the progression stage.

    It’s a pity other devs don’t take a lead from you.

  3. I hope I too can activate Nepomuk on KDE 4.8! In 4.7.3 it’s still a bit too cpu-busy for me. *

    Also, something I just realized: I was always wondering when Nepomuk’s search widget would be introduced, until I realized that’s actually KRunner. :-o

    Thus, considering Nepomuk more about similar to Spotlight instead of being a “tagging” and “context” engine, it actually really starts making sense to me to use it.

    * the CPU busy part comes from a few things:
    – initial email indexing takes 100% CPU for a long time.
    – every nepomuk indexing should only happen in idle moment, and use low on CPU and disk IO (nice / ionice + 10 ?)

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