Nepomuk Fundraiser – Badamm (Or Some Other Really Clever and Funny Title I Cannot Think of at the Moment)

It happened. Alf Rustad donated the missing 356€ which broken the magical barrier of 9000€ in the Nepomuk Fundraiser I started nearly three months ago.

While the actual goal – securing long-term funding for Nepomuk – has not been reached yet this is a great opportunity to thank Alexander, Alvar, Andreas, Andre, Andrew, Angelo, Anton, Antonio-J, Ardy123, arkub, Baltasar, Bernd, Bernhard, Calogero, Carl, Ceferino, Christopher, Christoph, Claude, Cristiano, Daniel, David, dunkelschorsch, Eduard, Efthymia, Elias, the two Enriques, Fabio, Felix, Florian, Francisco, Friedhelm, Fux, Gael, Giacomo, Giorgio, Guillaume, Günter, Hans, Han, Hartmut, Hector, Hendy, Huftis, Jaroslav, Jérôme, Jesus, Josep, Jos, Jramskov, Juan, Juanjo, Junichi, Kai, Kenneth, Kevin, Kilian, Kulomi, Leopoldo, Linopolus, Luca, Luis, Luiz, Maik, Manoel, Manuel, Marco, Marc, the three Markusses and Martins, Maxime, Mguel, the two Michaels, Mikael, Mike, Morgan, Nicolas, Olaf, Olivier, Orestes, the two Pauls, Paulo, the two Peters, Philipp, Pierre-Hugues, Régis, Robert and Robert, Rodrigo, samtuke, the Sebastians, Simone, Sören, Stefano, Steffen, Stian, tanghus, Thiago, Thomas, Thomas, and Thomas, Tiago, Timothy, Tommi, Tuukka, Ulrich, Wakeley, Xavier, Yaroslav, and all the anonymous doners for their support. You have given me time to keep looking.

A special thanks goes to Carl Symons for his great dot article, his many tips and continuous encouragement.

Thank you also to Peter, George, Ivan, Vishesh, Christian, Andrew, Martin, and Laura for their great developer comments on Nepomuk.

And last but not least thanks for all the positive feedback on my blog articles, the translations into strange and exotic languages such as spanish :P and all the encouraging words which showed how many actually get what the semantic desktop is all about and want Nepomuk to go on and change the way we work with information today.


26 thoughts on “Nepomuk Fundraiser – Badamm (Or Some Other Really Clever and Funny Title I Cannot Think of at the Moment)

  1. Congratulations to raising this much money! It sounded more like a dream when I first read it, but there seem to be many, really many of us who support your vision and want you to succeed. Thank you for all your efforts. And good luck with the job search. I really hope some company steps up to support Nepomuk development.

  2. Sorry for trolling, but can we start a fundraiser to stop Nepomuk development?
    (And Akondai too btw)

    These two things just suck system memory and CPU. Its really my only gripe about KDE

    • If you’d taken a moment to read Sebastian’s previous blog posts you’d know that’s precisely what he’s been working on fixing.

    • this is exactly the unkind thing to say. the nepomuk / akonady in 4.8 is really great thanks to the donators and lots of bugfixing that trueg did. I also disabled it in previous versions for it lagged my computer a lot, but now it’s working like a charm.

    • Start a fundraiser to stop the development of something that long-time experienced KDE developers consider important and dedicate much of their professional and free time to, is trolling.

      Starting a fundraiser to help a developer that disagrees with them to make those technologies optional, is respectable. You just have to find that developer and start the fundraiser. I would even consider to contribute to it.

    • Joke beside[*] you can disable Nepomuk and Akonadi already. So, if you do not like to use it, disable it/them? That’s the great thing about KDE: it allows to modify your environment to your needs and not the other way around.

      [*] I hope it was one cause else what you request is to remove something cause you do not need it rather then requesting a way to disable it (that is already there since the beginning) or solving whatever problems you have (what is exactly what Sebastian is working on). That means you try to push your personal habits onto anybody else without a way to change (to e.g. decide to use them). That, my dear Maxim, is the wrong way. How would you feel if we install the Fluffy Bunny theme ( ) on all your computers and remove a way to change that cause some of us may like that theme?

  3. Congratulations! If a 2nd round starts, I’ll be in again for it. It took some time, but you reached it. Considering it’s less than 100€ a person donating in average, it shows the great amount of interest in nepomuk.

    I hope you find something more stable than fund raising soon.

  4. I have to admit that I am very very skeptical about Nepomuk’s purpose and implementation, but I’m very happy that you suceeded, and that the democratic “vote with your wallet” suceeded too. The KDE community spoke, and that’s the most important thing. Minorities have to be respected, but majorities even more.

    I’ve read closely your posts, and I’m somewhat optimistic about Nepomuk’s future. I hope that when I switch to 4.8 or newer I can finally say that I’ve seen the light, and I’ve converted from Nepomuk naysayer to evangelist. :)

    Good luck, and congratulations!

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  6. Thanks for the all the work you did on Nepomuk these months! Extremely impressive, and I think that 4.7.3+ is really usable for many more people now. Do you feel the buglist is under control now?

  7. This is awesome news! I love to have a good nepomuk and akonadi running (think: Spotlight like MacOS). There were a few things I would like you to know, hope you can deal with them.

    Currently in openSUSE 12.1 there is one thing why I keep Nepomuk disabled;
    when I enable it, the akonadi_nopumuk process starts consuming 100% CPU for a long time,
    MacBook fans start the blow and full speed. This really isn’t a pretty thing to see, and with it resolved, I think you’ve have much more people liking Nepumuk with this issue resolved.

    I think it was also reported here, and given the priority I also highlighted my own experience here.

    Secondly, when Nepomuk is disabled, there are 3 popups telling me Nepomuk is disabled (I know it’s from Akonadi). I just read the bug at ( and I’m glad to hear it’s been fixed.

    Since the blogs/forums/reviews were mentioning this issue, I would like to mention some things about it. The attitude of some developers in that bugthread leaves much to be desired. In fact, this is where IMHO the “KDE developers don’t listen” complains come from, even though I strongly disagree with such statements. Having 70+ comments before something so obvious and plain in-your-face issue is fixed is makes me feel sad. A “outch, we should look into that” comment would have resolved a lot of grief there, instead of a “this is a wontfix” and so on. That’s just putting oil on the fire in the case of nepomuk, and not helping at all. People got hurt there, and I haven’t seen much effort from other developers to resolve it, or make a clear statement in the thread. There were only informational statements further down, and I hope this can be resolved too (e.g. internally in the team).

  8. This is fantastic news! Thanks to all the supporters and last but not least to Sebastian for this great work on that important front. Gratulations! :)

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