More Fun With TV Shows

After fetching all the details about TV Shows from I went back to my favorite way of browsing things: KIO slaves. So without further ado let me introduce the tvshow:/ KIO slave:

So the root folder lists all TV Series. As you can see the previews are messed up aspect-ratio-wise. If anyone has an idea of how to improve that without patching KIcon or KIO or caching my own thumbnails in some tmp folder please tell me.

Entering the season listing…

And finally the episodes. And just because it is fun here is one more:

Why do this? Well, nepomuksearch cannot create sub-folders (yet) and this only has about 120 relevant lines of code, most of which is used up by the three queries it creates.

To try it simply update your git clone of the nepomuktvnamer and have fun.

36 thoughts on “More Fun With TV Shows

  1. I love your work. Nepomuk is finally giving a glimple on what the future of file management looks like.

    It would be nice if Nepomuk could fetch infromation from MyAnimeList for anime though. It seems to have quite extensive API documentation too (

  2. Is it possible to use at the folder view different picture width-to-height ratio?

    I made this with my folder structure and it look realy nice, but the ration from the folder pictures are sometimes realy strange

  3. Seems cool but I can’t compile the new version using KDE 4.8.0 openSUSE packages.

    …/nepomuktvnamer/kioslave/kio_tvshow.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void Nepomuk::TvshowProtocol::listDir(const KUrl&)’:
    …/nepomuktvnamer/kioslave/kio_tvshow.cpp:117:116: error: ‘depiction’ is not a member of ‘Nepomuk::Vocabulary::NFO’

      • Yeah, cool stuff, but I get the same error. A release would be marvellous, I’m so much wanting to try it out :)
        Thx for the fun, I love it

      • Just installed SDO from git and I’m still getting the ‘depiction’ compile error.

        After looking at what got installed I noticed SDO installed a few cmake files and a bunch of .ontology and .trig files. No new header files were created or installed. The README file isn’t really helpful either. Any ideas on how to proceed?

          • Yes compiles but I have two problems:

            1) There is no videos. I see the series and seasons but, when I open the season there is no files. For example, I can open Coupling and I see the four seasons but when I click on Coupling – Season 1 there is no files.

            2) There is no thumbnails but with nepoogle I can see the banner and the poster downloaded by the nepomuktvnamer. Maybe this is related to problem 1.

            By the way, this kind of utilities are a good nepomuk sellers :).

            • As mentioned the thumbnails only work with the kdelibs patch. Also the banners need to be indexed. I just pushed a commit which adds the banner folder to the file indexer config. I hope there will not be any problems with links to the kde dirs… I suppose I need to finish my symlink improvements.

              The video files also need to be indexed by the Nepomuk file indexer and have a mimetype. Can you check the files’ metadata please.

            • I don’t know if you found this information useful but this query works:

              SELECT DISTINCT *
              WHERE {
              ?r a nmm:TVShow ; nmm:season 1 ; nmm:series [ nie:title “Coupling”^^xsd:string ] ; nie:title ?t ; nmm:episodeNumber ?e ; nie:url ?url ; nmm:releaseDate ?rd ;
              nmm:synopsis ?d .

              I just added ^^xsd:string and removed nie:mimeType ?mt because as I could saw with nepoogle in my case the nmm:TVShow record don’t have nie:mimeType.

            • I suppose your videos are not indexed. That is mandatory. Just use the dbus interface to update the folders:

              qdbus /nepomukfileindexer org.kde.nepomuk.FileIndexer.updateFolder PATH 1 1

    • The only trouble here would be: how to group the movies. By genre? By director? both? In any case it is very easy to do – probably also around 120 lines of real code which is not copy’n’paste from this one.

      • The root of the kio slave could display different folders:

        I hope you will solve the icon problem.

  4. Something should probably be done about such long values in Dolphin’s Information panel. Maybe collapse them by default, i.e. instead of listing 52 episode titles there, show the text “52 episodes” by default, and only when that is clicked, expand it into the full list.

  5. Very promising.
    Reagarding the info sidebar in dolphin. It would be better if there were only a limited number of items in each category and at the bottom of each category a link with “show more” wich expands the full list. E.g. six main actors and then a “show more”.

  6. Very cool.

    How about a “online databases” tab in the nepomuk KCM where I could enable/disable/configure such features? The same would apply to the scientic papers (PDFs) currently in development. (cant recall the name of the project, there was a blogpost recently on planetkde)

      • Maybe could be a good idea to add a plugin system to this code so anyone could easily develop plugins in c++ or a script language. For sure I develop at least one in python for my Asian movies and series collection ;).

    • The Name is “Conquirere” ;)

      Ans some kind of “enable/disable/configure” way for Sebastians and hopefully many more extractors like this in a central way might be nice.

      There is lots of room for “improvement/extension” that could one day lead to magic behind the scene that gets all kind of semantic data for each and every file on disk.

      Really nice to see all the hard work for nepomuk in use finally :)

  7. Your nepomuk tv plugin continues to rock! Hope it ends up in kde-extragear. Also could be great basis for a media center. As I said before – this finally makes all of nepomuk worth it!

  8. Hi Sebastian. I was wondering. With new and exciting tools like this starting to apear, would it be possible to create a generic information fetcher with scripted plugins that could be dowloaded from a central repo?

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  10. Hi Sebastian, is there a possibility to get the synopsis in other languages, as you can change the “Overview” at thetvdb page?

      • Thank you for your effort. I do not think KDE locale can change the synopsis into default system language, because at the web site there is an extension (&lid=x) for different languages. But maybe that makes the description in default system language.

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