A Fun Release: Nepomuk TV Namer 0.2

As requested I prepared a release of the TV Show managing thingi I implemented. You can download it from download.kde.org mirrors at unstable/nepomuk/nepomuktvnamer-0.2.0.tar.bz2.

The nepomuktvnamer 0.2.0 is a little more polished than the original version and comes with a nice service menu extension allowing to manually start the fetching of TV Show information on folders or video files. This is important since the service does only react on new videos. So you need to start the initial information fetching manually on your TV Show folder.

The tvnamer has two requirements in addition to the typical KDE ones:

  • LibTVDb – LibTvdb is a Qt-based library which provides asynchronous access to TV series information from thetvdb.com via a very simple interface. Its use in the Nepomuk TV namer should be obvious.
  • Shared-Desktop-Ontologies 0.9.0 – The recently released new version of SDO provides the required nfo:depiction property used by the tvnamer to store banners.

I also recommend to apply the kdelibs patch I mentioned earlier to actually see the TV Show banners. Have fun with it – maybe someone will even package it.

19 thoughts on “A Fun Release: Nepomuk TV Namer 0.2

  1. I know I’m annoying :), but don’t you think for messages and errors a notification would be less intrusive than a dialog?

    Great job!

  2. What do you think about a “Collections”-KCM module where the user can define dirs for music, tv-shows, movies etc. that are scanned, tagged and renamed automatically?

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  4. Unfortunately humans make mistakes, so I need to add a new feature: Mark Video As Not Watched :).

    [Desktop Entry]
    X-KDE-Submenu=Desktop Search

    [Desktop Action markAsWatched]
    Name=Mark Video As Watched
    Exec=qdbus org.kde.NepomukStorage /datamanagement org.kde.nepomuk.DataManagement.setProperty %u “nuao:usageCount” 1 “shell”

    [Desktop Action markAsNotWatched]
    Name=Mark Video As Not Watched
    Exec=qdbus org.kde.NepomukStorage /datamanagement org.kde.nepomuk.DataManagement.removeProperty %u “nuao:usageCount” 0 “shell”

    • Good idea. But your dbus call is wrong. You only remove the value “0” which is not what you want. You want to either set the property to 0 or remove it completely. I will add the action.

      • I tried qdbus org.kde.NepomukStorage /datamanagement org.kde.nepomuk.DataManagement.removeProperty %u “nuao:usageCount” “shell”

        and not worked so I added 0 before “shell” and works. It was a fast test so maybe I’m wrong.

        Set or remove the property is almost the same, in this particular case don’t affects the results of “New Episodes To Watch”.

  5. Following Sebastian job I added a better support to tv series in nepoogle and here it is the result of searching in my database for all tv series:

    You can click in the title link (opens the resource viewer), kde icon (opens the tvseries:/ kio in the series location) and in the binoculars (searchs for all episodes).

    There is also, when it’s available, the “Last viewed episode” and the “Last downloaded episode”.

    It’s not as beautiful as the kio but you have all the power of the Nepoogle’s query engine at your service:

    actor:’kate isitt’ and genre:comedy and releasedate:>2002 and releasedate:<=2004

    • I could not leave that alone. So I quickly added parsing of year numbers to the Nepomuk query parser and now the query you show also works in Dolphin and krunner (4.8.1) in a slightly modified way (less colons):
      actor:’kate isitt’ and genre:comedy and releasedate>2002 and releasedate<=2004

      • Damn it!, I should have written this post before adding the support to dates and times ;). I could see that is positive to launch challenges in this blog so if I have to sacrifice in a battle of egos I am ready for the good of the searches XD.

        Now seriously, there is support to days, months, hours, minutes, seconds? I have found that months and minutes are useful, the others less. For sure search language improvements are good but Dolphin and KRunner search behaviour is erratic in all my systems, sometimes works and sometimes not, so I can’t use it, but people without my problem will surely be delighted with the improvement.

        By the way, about the colons, it was a decision to simplify the parser and as no one has complained but it was only a few lines of code so it was done. In fact I will take more time to modify the help ;).

  6. Since a couple of days it’s not working and this is the error:

    Invalid argument (1)”: “Cannot set values for abstract property ‘http://www.semanticdesktop.org/ontologies/2009/02/19/nmm#hasSeason’.

    • Problem solved.

      I reinstall all kde basic packages, stop nepomuk, install last version of sdo and install last version of nepomuktvnamer and works again :).

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  8. Hi, this no longer builds with KDE 4.9. I noticed the Nepomuk namespace has changed to Nepomuk2, and tried manually changing this in the code, but I still get the following complaint:

    “ld: cannot find -lnepomukdatamanagement”

    No idea how to work that. Can you advise?

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