Season Posters Anyone?

I simply cannot stop playing around with TV Shows and Nepomuk. We already had posters for the series but not for the seasons. Well, we do now:

Fun, isnt’ it? But sadly it required an improved libtvdb and additions to SDO. The former is already in git master. But the SDO changes are a bit experimental. That is why I put them into branch nmm/banners. Also due to both these requirements not being that easy to install I put the improved season handling of nepomuktvnamer into branch seasonResources.

So in order to try this yourself you need to get libtvdb git master and the mentioned branches of SDO and nepomuktvnamer. But do not worry, I am pretty sure that I will get the SDO changes merged soon. Then this will become easier.

23 thoughts on “Season Posters Anyone?

  1. Sounds great !
    But i have 2 important questions :)

    When will this actually land in a standard distribution (like kubuntu) and will it be discoverable by a normal user? I mean, knowing the name of the kio isn’t really something most people would know.

    I really like the direction this goes. If you take this just a little furher you have a complete multimedia center integrated into kde.

        • There was once, in the beginning of kde4 that kde 4 media center project. Sadly it was stopped. So perhaps it goes in that direction.. its almost trivial to get from those kios to the best media center in existance.
          Perhaps also related to the spark tablet, but watching tv series is probably done more often on a desktop computer than a tablet.
          Anyway, i love that nepomuk gets some real usage, i hope that also leads to increased stability (new applications sometimes expose rare bugs trough new usage patterns).

  2. Aaaand another question:)

    I have all tv series on an external harddisk. Is this supported by nepomuk? (its not connected all the time).

  3. Looking good :)

    However, i don’t get exactly how this works.
    Aren’t you just representing the content of thetvdb regardless of the content on the harddrive? For example, if i have just the last episode of supernatural and nikita, would that kioslave then just show me that information? Thus the last season of both with the last episode?

    Or is it not connected to any data on the harddrive?

    I hope you could explain this a bit :)

      • But how does that work? Do you somewhere point to a location that should be handled through this kioslave?

        I understand the results, but don’t see how you got there..

        • It’s really simple, an indexer fetch data from internet and write this information in the nepomuk database. You can launch this indexer manually from de KDE context menu.

          Then this kio read the database and displays all information previously collected. So you can have files not indexed in your hard drive and that files are not visible in this kio.

          If you use Amarok the things are similar, you point to a location, Amarok collect data about the files, mostly id3 info, and then displays collected data organized.

    • Actually this is what I always wanted anyway. The only trouble is that I want it to work regardless of how you open the video file. This is where a technologie like Zeitgeist comes in. There already is integration between Zeitgeist and Nepomuk. I “only” need to expose it in the interface.

  4. I love this, I like this sort of context data fetching and improving the visual presentation of the media you have already. I would love if you could extend this to Movies and Music you will be even more awesome. This is a great showcase of Nepomuk and something you can point to alll the nepomuk haters that this is a usefull use. I am assuming with all the data fetched you could do some interesting queries.

  5. I have trouble showing series’ posters (haven’t tryed with season’s ones). Have installed libtvdb, sdo from master, patched kdelibs. All works fine except poster: in kioslave I see plain folder icon:

    .kde4/share/apps/nepomuktvnamer/banners contains banner files. Through nepoogle I’ve checked that series/banners are indexed. Clicking, in info panel, on image file name (those corresponding to Depiction) I got, in status bar, something similar to “element non found” (I’m using italian locale).

    Have also enabled “TV Series” preview in Dolphin Settings.

    Any idea about the problem? Can you suggest a command to track the error?

    By the way, thanks for this gem.

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