Rehashing Download Metadata

Recently Martin Klapatek created the nice Firefox add-on Firemuk which stores download meta-data in Nepomuk. Vishesh Handa wrote the corresponding Nepomuk stub which does the actual work of pushing the data to Nepomuk. This is really great. Of course I already installed it.

But it made me think of some obviously forgotten Nepomuk API which I introduced in August of 2010: Nepomuk::Utils::createCopyEvent. It essentially does the exact same thing as Vishesh’s NADM, only as a library call.

Konqueror had support for download meta-data for a while now. If you want to know more about it read my blog entry Remembering downloads via Nepomuk.

Finally – for sentimental reasons – an image…

3 thoughts on “Rehashing Download Metadata

  1. Neat, I’m not usually a KDE user but I’ll have to try this.

    Is there any facility for also storing any statements made about the downloaded file that the browser might know about (eg extracted from RDFa on the referring page)?

  2. The wheel reinvent we did :) Neither of us had any idea about the existing Nepomuk::Utils::createCopyEvent (nor Konqueror supporting this already as I rarely use it). It would still have to be a wrapper around that call in a binary executable though as the lib call obviously cannot be called from the JS extension (for the record – Chrome/Chromium has no downloads API yet, so it can’t be done the same way for Chrome/Chromium).

    Might be worth revisiting the Nepomuk::Utils to see what other great stuff it has to offer.

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