Something Like Goodbye

The search for continuous Nepomuk sponsorship has been going on a while now, the fundraiser I ran to help me with that was very successful. I can not thank everyone involved enough. Sadly I was not that successful in securing the funding. This essentially  means that I will not continue to work on Nepomuk as my day-to-day job.

While I am sad about that I am also very excited about the new direction my work life is taking. As of mid February I am working for OpenLInk Software – the very smart company behind Virtuoso, the very core of Nepomuk itself.

I will not go into the details of what I will be doing at OpenLink just yet except that it is not working on Virtuoso itself and that structured data is still the topic. There will be much more on this later.

Now what does that mean for Nepomuk? Besides the fact that Nepomuk has some other great developers who will hopefully keep up their good work, I will stay as the maintainer of the core components – at least for the time being. At this point I am unable to say how much I will be involved in Nepomuk in the next years. But seeing that the project means a lot to me I am sure that I will manage to find some time every now and then.

So, this is not really a goodbye. But something like it…

19 thoughts on “Something Like Goodbye

  1. Sorry to hear, all best and thanks for all the work you did put into Nepomuk and all the other areas. Great work :)

  2. I’m not up-to-date with the fundraiser and its aftermath so could you explain to me what “Sadly I was not that successful in securing the funding” means?

    Nevertheless, good luck.

    • I would think that it was not enough to secure a living long term – short term it helped him but that is no security for the future . my interpretation

      • That might be right, I guess. I just had a look at the post from December declaring the fundraiser as successfully finished. However, the initial post is from September. Thus it’s totally understandable that the money is used up by now and some secure job being the top priority.

        My intention wasn’t trolling around; I’m actually indifferent as I do not use the semantic desktop at all.

        Have fun with your new work.

        • Sebastian used the fundraiser to buy some time to find an employer who would sponsor his work on Nepomuk. Unfortunately, despite the great financial support from the community and Sebastian’s frugal lifestyle (he held out quite long with what he got), no company would step up to support Nepomuk.

  3. This isn’t so bad for us.

    Now you’ll be able to understand better Virtuoso, and you will be able to bugfix Virtuoso to serve better the needs of Nepomuk (and OpenLink’s needs, of course), just like Windows Desktop Search serves as a test bed for Jet optimizations. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for all your work on Nepomuk and good luck for your new job!
    It was a pleasure working with you and I hope this beautiful project will live on! :)

  5. Thank you so much for all of your work Sebastian. You grew Nepomuk past the hardest stage of any FOSS project, which is the bits inbetween “Hey XXXX would be a great idea!” and the bit where people are actually using it day to day. From here on, come what may, it’s at a stage where it’s designed and working enough that other people can come and work on it.

    I’m relieved to see that you managed to find work that stil contributes to the project. In some ways it’s like having a child grow up and leave home (I’m referring to Nepomuk, not you). At least this way, they’re still remembering to call and let you know how they are.

    Anyway, good luck with your new job and thanks for all the code / work.

  6. Thanks for all your amazing work Sebastian. Your work has been personally inspiring to me and I’m immensely grateful for it. Best of luck on your new journey and thanks, most especially, for what you’ve created on the path to this new begining!

  7. Sebastian, thank you for your work on Nepomuk, your vision, and your dedication to KDE and F/OSS. I hope that despite the many idiotic voices (trolls?) that kept complaining, you were able to see how thankful we are for what you are doing for KDE and much we appreciate your work. The success of the fundraiser is a good indication of this.

    I am very sorry that no company stepped up to support you / to support development on Nepomuk. But I am glad that you did find a job you seem happy with and that it takes you not too far away from KDE and Nepomuk. We all understand that the time you will be able to spend on Nepomuk will be less from now on, but we hope to see you around from time to time.

    Good luck with your new job!


  8. Sebastian, the greatest programmer I have ever seen,

    I can’t imagine Nepomuk with out you. Nepomuk-KDE is your child and I hope you’ll look after this project forever(at least as a maintainer of core libraries). You were the one who introduced me to KDE community and gave me a new life. Thanks a lot . Thanks for all the work you did for KDE, Nepomuk ,K3B and everything.

    All the best and good luck with your new job :)


  9. Thanks for all the awesome awesome work, I admire you for doing so much even when surrounded by people who are always complaining rather than appreciating.
    And my gift for you is this sentence which I used to tell vHanda few weeks back – “nepomuk is awesome now, I use it to find my content, to add metadata support to my apps in a snip. you guys are awesome”

  10. An amazing coincidence…

    Johann Nepomuk Hummel was a virtuoso pianist (see the connection?) and a Classic musician… who sits right between Mozart and Beethoven. He was trained by Mozart, and was a friend of Beethoven. And, while we can’t really compare anything to those music juggernauts, Nepomuk’s work was well respected by Beethoven himself. And he has beautiful symphonies.

    I leave you with “Fantasie for Viola and Orchestra”, op. 94, by Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

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