Fixing Bugs is Fun

Yes, sometimes it is. And sometimes it is a good thing that David Faure does not answer your pings because it makes you write test cases. And sometimes these test cases actually reveale the bug you have been hunting for months. And sometimes searching for the bug makes you refactor and simplify code in the process. This is exactly what happend with the annoying “reload bug” of the Nepomuk query KIO slave. It was responsible for results sometimes not showing up before hitting F5 a few times. Well, that is history. The present brings a better design using a QWaitCondition instead of a local event loop (which was ugly anyway and I have no idea what made me using it in the first place) which as a side effect also fixes the bug and simlifies the code. (And I mean “simplify”, not “making it simple”. The code is still far from simple.)

That’s already it. Just wanted to share that. More search goodies when I blog about Adam’s GSoC work.

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Redland 1.0.9 breaks Nepomuk

This is how Soprano (and with it Nepomuk) goes down when run against Redland 1.0.9:

symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/redland/ undefined symbol: librdf_storage_register_factory

Redland 1.0.8 works without problems. This is mainly for informational purposes and to propose to distributors to downgrade. I will also post a bug report with Redland and try to figure out what the problem is. But in the meantime it might make sense to not live on the edge for once. ;)