Thank You! (Nepomuk And The Google SoC supplemental)

It is very amazing how many ideas for Nepomuk GSoC projects were posted as comments to my last blog entry. Thank you, really! I read all of them carefully and transformed some of them into actual proposals. I did not use all of the ideas. Some of them were way too complex to be handled in one SoC project. But please do not think that I do not appreciate them. I will soon create a Nepomuk TODO/Ideas page on which you will find your ideas again.

But for now I think having 7 solid GSoC project proposals for Nepomuk-KDE is a very good thing. Now all we need is 7 students that all get accepted. ;) (And of course a bit of mentoring help.)

Nepomuk in the Google Summer of Code 2009

Like last year and the years before that KDE participates in the Google Summer of Code. And like before project ideas are gathered independent from the Google process on techbase. And like last year Nepomuk will be part of the KDE projects proposing ideas. This is where you come in! I already posted two ideas in the list (scroll all the way to the bottom). That is not enough. I will try to come up with more but I think you have way more ideas up your sleeves (I noticed that much in Oslo where we had a lively discussion about the topic).

So, this is the opportunity to comment on this blog post and give your ideas for GSoC Nepomuk projects. You can, of course, even post the ideas directly on the techbase page (but then you should be available to mentor, too ;)

Thank you for your input.