Manually Forcing the (Re-)Indexing of Folders is Easy

Ever since the unicode bug in Virtuoso 6.1.3 many of us have broken unicode strings in our Nepomuk databases. Completely re-creating the database is IMHO not an option since that would mean loosing all manual annotations and things like download source URLs. One solution would be restoring a backup but I simply do not trust the Nepomuk backup until I had a deeper look into it. The perfect solution would be if Nepomuk could simply fix the data automatically. While that is of course my goal and I am looking into that it will take a while.

In the meantime I threw together a small desktop file which adds two new actions to the context menu of folders.

  1. (Re-)index Folder contents will make the indexer update all the files in the folder indifferent of their state in Nepomuk. This includes fixed unicode strings.
  2. (Re-)index Folder contents recursive does the same as the above except that it also recurses into sub folders.

Simply put the following into a file called “nepomuk-index-folder.desktop” and save it in “~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus”. At the next start of Dolphin or Konqueror the two new actions will be available.

[Desktop Entry]
X-KDE-Submenu=Desktop Search

[Desktop Action indexFolder]
Name=(Re-)index Folder contents
Exec=qdbus /nepomukfileindexer org.kde.nepomuk.FileIndexer.indexFolder %f 0 1

[Desktop Action indexFolderRecursive]
Name=(Re-)index Folder contents recursive
Exec=qdbus /nepomukfileindexer org.kde.nepomuk.FileIndexer.indexFolder %f 1 1

Update: The code above does only work for KDE 4.8 since we renamed the “strigi service” to “file indexing service”. So in order to make this work in KDE 4.7 and before replace “nepomukfileindexer” with “nepomukstrigiservice” and “FileIndexer” with “Strigi”.