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Intro – Born and raised in northern Germany I moved to the beautiful south as soon as school was out. There in the “Tuscany of Germany” Freiburg I did my diploma in Computer Science. During that time I created K3b – the KDE CD/DVD burning application – and saw it become the de-facto standard for optical media in Linux. After receiving my diploma in 2006 Mandriva brought me into the European research project Nepomuk to establish an open-source community connection. Since 2012 I am working on the OpenLink Data Spaces project.

IT Skills – I have more than 12 years of experience in C/C++, with a focus on QT and KDE development (Nokia Certified Qt Specialist). Semantic Web/Desktop technologies such as RDF and SPARQL are my day-to-day tools. I am experienced in Java, Python, HTML, and XML and know my way around database systems such as Virtuoso, Oracle, or MySQL. I have a deep knowledge of Linux systems.

Personal Skills – Working in a team comes natural to me as I managed different developers in the open-source projects I maintain. In Google’s Summer of Code 2009, 2010, and 2011 I successfully mentored a total of seven students. I gained experience in user support through the K3b and Nepomuk projects. In 2009 I organized two Nepomuk workshops in Freiburg with participants from all over Europe. I am very enthusiastic about my work and am able to comprehend new technologies very quickly.

Personal – In my spare time I like to do sports like rock climbing and jogging. I am passionate about cinema and my 2 daughters.
Contact – Sebastian Trüg – trueg@kde.org – trueg@jabber.org -View Sebastian Trüg's profile on LinkedIn

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