Just another way of browsing your files

The Zeitgeist guys created a fuse file system called zeitgeistfs. It is basically a calendar containing the files accessed at that specific date. So at the Akonadi meeting last weekend, having two hours to kill, I thought that should be doable with KIO. So two hours later (most of that time was spent twiddling with UDS entries) the timeline:/ KIO slave was up and running:

The code that actually does something is minimal: a bit of UDS entry creation for dates and a simple SPARQL query to forward to the nepomuksearch KIO slave. Yes, it is as easy as that since we can simply set the UDS_URL property of an item to a nepomuksearch URL and KIO will take care of the rest. Smooth. Thanks a lot David Faure. Once again you paved the way.

OK then. Try it if you like. This is just another example of what can be done with Nepomuk (no real semantics here though). The code is in the playground as always and is based on the current kdebase trunk. So with KDE 4.3 this baby won’t work. And of course as this is based on file meta data, the Nepomuk Strigi integration has to be enabled.

20 thoughts on “Just another way of browsing your files

  1. This is amazing! I want it, I want it! :)

    What do you think about moving such things out of playground for them to gain traction, if they are halfway stable, that is. Having more Nepomuk stuff regularly compiled by other developers might make them fix things and add to it. (It might be too late in the release schedule, though.)

  2. Hi Sebastian,
    Let me ask you question: what kind of developers are you looking for – volunteers or you can suggest non-volunteer terms for developers?

    Personally I am a big fan of Semantic Desktop, I have about 4 years of working in that field, and I can afford non-volunteer help :-)

  3. Exelent work!

    Now, (demanding bastards at work… ;) ) is it possible to implement a timeslider in this view as well? Does not OS X have someting like that?

    • It is perfectly possible to create a GUI which provides a timeslider. It is probably even very simple. Does someone want to step up? I think this is a nice way of getting into Nepomuk development.

    • timeslider => exactly my thoughts! i would certainly use such functionality (and also being able to specify a root folder from where you want to search)

  4. Great job!

    Though it cannot create the ioslave here, it reports an error when loading kio_timeline. Do I also have to recompile some other components?

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  6. How come I can see directories for each day but no files? I use KDE at work so there are definitely files that should show up.
    Frankly, I have neither been able to use timeline:/ nor the Dolphin integrated search feature to find any file so far. Is there a tutorial of how to get it working?

    I am running openSUSE 11.2 + KDE 4.4 SC.

    • Timeline does show folders for all days even f they are empty. I have a patch that will change that behavior though.
      For timeline to work the strigi file indexer needs to be enabled. Otherwise there is no modification date information in the Nepomuk database.
      The same is true for queries that are based on file metadata. Only searching for tags, ratings, and comments should work without strigi enabled.
      Does this already solve the problem?

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