Someone requested Excerpts for Query Results

And thanks to Virtuoso and its fancy SPARQL extensions it was simpler than I thought:

What you can see in action here are: Dolphin’s new search interface, the facets I presented last time (picking up the query from Dolphin’s search bar and adding conditions to it), and search term excerpts. Neat, isn’t it?

There is one thing wrong with it still. If you have a keen eye you probably already saw it: the excerpts contain HTML tags to highlight the search terms. Sadly KFileItemDelegate does not support rich text. I tried to patch it but gave up after an hour. kfileitemdelegate.cpp is a 1660 line monster which is very hard to grasp. To be honest I do not really understand why all that animation and text rendering code did not go into a generic KItemDelegate class. Well, that is one thing someone with a better understanding of QTextDocument and QTextLayout could have a look at.

In the meantime I will try to commit all this stuff.

21 thoughts on “Someone requested Excerpts for Query Results

  1. Is it possible to select filename and content at the same time?

    Excerpts? I am not sure what to look?

    Anyway, this is the most wanted feature, for me.

    Can we use Filter panel without search (=filter folder to see only Images)?

      • Ok. Thanks. Last time I asked can it filter without Strigi… Ok I understand now.

        And Excerpts are “” ? I didn’t see it right away, because I was looking at thumbnails.

        One more question about Tags. If you have folder ‘A’ with 5 pictures in that folder and this pictures all have tag ‘elephant’ for example. Since there is no other tag used for files in this folder, will Filter panel then show me only this tag as option and not other tags from other folders?

        Hopefully there will be other filters in the future…

        Really looking forward to use this.

        Thank you.

  2. This is simply awesome. And only a few hours after the blog post that requested the feature. :)

    Cheers, mutlu

    Btw. what became of the Nepomuk Search GUI GSOC project? I haven’t seen any blog posts.

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    • From a search point of view that is very simple. But it is the applications that need to implement the highlighting. I suppose that for Okular that would not be that hard, same for Kate/Kwrite I suppose.

  4. I would like do some comments about the filters.

    What is the “Media” filter ? music, video ? or usb key, cdrom ?

    “Documents”, “Media”, “Images” filters should have icons like the places.
    Why not improve the “places” widget by adding a small + icon to the left of the item in order to add them in the filter ?

    “No priority”, “Last modified”, “Most important”, “Never opened” filters does not seems always useful. It should be activated in particular contexts: if I browse a source code files or text documents.

    About the tags: why not just provide a “Add tag” button opening a popup with a big tag cloud ?
    6 tags doesn’t seems to be enought but perhaps you plan to contextualize that: show the most used tags according to the kind of document the user is currently browsing.

    About “Any time”, “Today”, “This week” … filters: why not use a slider instead of a list of radio buttons ? I think a slider represents the time better.

    Another comment: you should focus on few use cases: Videos, Music, Images and provide by default, the best ways to browse each of them.

    • Media means “audio + video”
      Icons are a good point. Do you mean to combine filters with places? If so, I like the idea.
      I do not agree that priority is not important. Actually I would like to make the “most important” priority default in KDE 4.6 which will be possible if we get the file scoring finished which is based on modification date, open and save events, and some other criteria like file type.
      The 6 tags you see in the screenshot are my most used ones. The rest is accessible through the “more…” button.
      A time slider is a nice idea. But how exactly would that look like? I suppose it would be less precise the further away the date? Meaning: you can choose today and yesterday but then it goes over to last week and the week before, then the last month, and so on? But how do I select last month without this month or two month ago? I would probably need two sliders to define a range…

      • “Do you mean to combine filters with places? ”
        yes, it is the same concept => same widget.

        “I do not agree that priority is not important.”
        I didn’t say that. I said the user doesn’t need to often change how results are ordered.
        Another idea: recent and “Never opened” files could be displayed with a colored background. It would allow to find them easily and this filter would be less useful.

        “The 6 tags you see in the screenshot are my most used ones.”
        ok, but not the most used for the kind of files returned by the query. If I want search in my music tracks, I don’t want use the tag “sea” even if it is the most used tag for my photos.

        “But how exactly would that look like? ”
        Perhaps the same widget as opensolaris’s time slider:

        “I would probably need two sliders to define a range…”
        true, it could be improved but it is already better than radio buttons.

  5. A comment about “From here” and “Everywhere”:
    why not always use “From here” ? Let suppose the user can choose the places in which he want search with the place widget. If he want search everywhere he can choose “Root” or a place representing its computer.

  6. It’s always awesome to see any progress on KDE semantic area. Awesome job!

    BTW, is it possible to serve the result in a Google-ish manner? I mean picture on left side, excerpt on right side. I feel we always confine ourselves in grids which sometime not the best UI to serve these rich data we have.

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