Let’s convince Nokia that funding Nepomuk makes sense

This is a short one. I just created a community funding candidate page for Nepomuk over at the Qt Developer Network. I am not sure if it actually helps but one can rate pages up…

Oh, and maybe some of you have tips on how to improve the page in order to raise the probability of receiving funding.

Thanks. :)

16 thoughts on “Let’s convince Nokia that funding Nepomuk makes sense

    • You can use Qt on Windows Mobile AFAIK. And if you cannot now you will probably soon. Then we can run Nepomuk on Windows Mobile, too, making it more powerful the same way we do with Plasma Mobile.

        • After the failure of WinFS, I think Windows 8 is a better candidate than WP7 to use Nepomuk. But yes, it would work, obviously, after some serious optimization (which requires funding and lots of manpower KDE currently don’t have)

      • There is no plan for Windows Phone to support Qt now, or at any time in the near future. Nokia has specifically said that supporting Qt on Windows Phone would fragment the ecosystem, and they do not intend to have Qt be a primary development platform for Windows Phone.

        Windows Mobile and Windows Phone are two different ecosystems and developer environments. (And one is dying as quickly as it can.)

    • “How does Nepomuk help with Windows Phone 7?”

      Why should it have to?
      Nokia is a huge company, it does much more than Win7 smartphones.

    • Well, it is a pity that simon is not related to nepomuk !
      Siri from Apple is just that : speech recognition coupled with semantic analysis. A competitor of Siri based on nepomuk and Simon would be great for plasma-active (and why not for MeeGo on the Nokia N9 ;-) )

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  2. FYI, some potentially related Qt apps — my GPL opensource projects that run on the Nokia N9/N950 ( e.g., http://store.ovi.com/content/195998 )….

    At http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Nepomuk_-_The_Social_Semantic_Desktop
    you wrote:
    Short term goals include […]
    A semantic file save dialog ( https://trueg.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/semantic-saving-next-next-try/ ) which allows to directly create the required relations and annotations when saving a file.

    –> See http://code.google.com/p/voicetogoog/ especially http://code.google.com/p/voicetogoog/#Future … Annotations are much easier when done by voice, and “fall into place” naturally based on the objects or activities one is currently engaged with. They become semantically useful when associated with their textual transcription and time, location and activity referents.

    A central resource browsing tool which is entirely built on search in combination with faceted browsing,

    –> See http://code.google.com/p/qtzibit/

    (*): In addition to Harmattan, these apps run on MeeGo and/or most Linux distros w/ Qt SDK 1.1.3 % QtMobility 1.2 installed…

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